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The Philippines & Micronesia (16)

TravelPosted by Jean Dar Thu, October 27, 2016 22:21:10

Apra Harbor, Guam

Chuuk Islands (Truk Lagoon) has stolen almost all of Micronesia's wreck diving headlines, but don't overlook Guam. Fate has created a coincidental war museum on the bottom of Guam's Apra Harbor: the only place on earth where you can dive wrecks from both World Wars on a single tank, or freedive if that's your passion.

The German built, Russian-operated SMS Cormoran (formerly the Rjasan) and the Japanese Tokai Maru both passenger and cargo freighters, lie atop one another in the bay. To dive them both, the typical profile is to descend past the Tokai Maru's midsection until the Cormoran is reached. One obviously don't have to go past 30m to take in the infrastructure.

Visibility can be limited due to weather and ship traffic in the Harbor, and you might get 15m of visibility if you are lucky. Other Guam wrecks include a Japanese Val bomber sitting in 26m of water on a sloping wall, and a concrete barge of more than 90m called the American Tanker, sunk to provide a breakwater at the mouth of Apra Harbor. The American Tanker is featured in the video above.

The American Tanker lays at 8-34m in Apra Harbor, next to the breakwater and is typically a boat dive. It is a a huge concrete barge located right beside a shallow reef, and is popular as a beginning wreck dive and should be a very easy dive. So having a few days in Guam on my trip to the Philippines and Micronesia, diving the American Tanker might be included in my itinerary!

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