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The Philippines & Micronesia (14)

TravelPosted by Jean Dar Fri, October 14, 2016 21:42:30

Yap - Island of the stone Money

Yap is going to be the second Island I will be visiting in Micronesia, and having a direct flight from Palau, I will save a lot of time that will be spent mostly in the Pacific Ocean. To me Yap seems to be the perfect stepping stone towards Guam and Saipan from Palau, and probably one of the least visited islands in western Micronesia.

Just as is the case with Palau, the reefs surrounding the islands of Yap are home to a rich diversity of tropical marine life. The most popular natural resource is their resident population of manta rays, which divers and snorkelers have a good chance of seeing on an almost daily basis.

Usually found inside the lagoons, the dive guides in Yap are expert at finding the mantas, plus a host of other animals to keep visiting divers and snorkelers entertained. Yap also boasts lively colorful coral reefs and walls teeming with sharks, trevallys, nudibranchs and another favorite, mandarinfish. Most of the operators offer dive classes from introductory snorkeling and scuba lessons through advanced levels of instruction.

The last of my free diving gear has arrived from Spain, and I will be picking it up toworrow. Got myself a new Aqualung i300 dive computer, Cressi Metallite 3mm socks to go with my freediving fins, and a Sporasub Piranha freediving mask as a back-up to my Aqualung Micromask.

- Its now less than two months before the Philippines & Micronesia project sets sail!

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