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The Philippines & Micronesia (12)

TravelPosted by Jean Dar Wed, October 05, 2016 18:03:44

Palau's diving extravaganza

After two full weeks in Albay, Sorsogon, Cebu, Malapascua and Bohol in the Philippines, the plan is to head for Palau for five days. As one if the planets absolutely best dive locations, I highly recommend making hotel reservations at least six months in advance, preferably more, and expect it to be costly too.

Palau will be my first stop in the Micronesia leg of this trip, and this is where the real diving extravaganza begins. As one can see in the video below, there is really not much that will be excluded when speaking if tropical Pacific sealife and scenery. Chances are I might even interact with dolphins while freediving if I'm lucky.

In total, three full weeks of mainly diving and freediving in Micronesia is in my itinerary for this travel project, but I also intend to take in culture, history, flora and fauna on land while being in Palau. If you are interested in diving or freediving, Palau should definitely be on your list!

The Republic of Palau is scenically magical. For such a tiny area of land, it packs a big punch. It's hard not to be overwhelmed by its extraordinary array of natural wonders: this is an archipelago of about 200 largely pristine limestone and volcanic islands, blanketed in emerald forest, surrounded by a shimmering turquoise lagoon.

Unsurprisingly, diving is the number one activity here, with truly world class dive sites. Divers swear by Palau's exciting seascape, fascinating wrecks and stunningly diverse marine life - it's not dubbed "the underwater Serengeti" for nothing!

When the underwater wonders have finished working their magic on you, there are other adventure options. Kayaking, snorkeling and off-road driving are said to be fabulous, with the added appeal of fantastic settings. And for history buffs there are plenty of World War II relics scattered in the jungle, as well as a handful of well organised museums in Koror, Palau's largest Town.

- Next post will include footage from Palau's bloody World War II history.

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