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The Philippines & Micronesia (4)

TravelPosted by Jean Dar Wed, July 27, 2016 20:01:15

Putting together an itinerary for the Philippines

When I started looking into things I would like to do in the Philippines, places to visit and also local transportation, it became evident that my three weeks in the country will be too short to include all the top locations and activities I would like to experience.

My itinerary for the Philippines will basically consist of visiting four regions of the country, and include a multitude of locations and activities. These four regions will most probably be: Central Luzon & Batangas, Southeast Luzon, Cebu Island and Bohol. All of them should provide me with some excellent variety of landscapes, activities and memories.

Since I will go diving a lot in Micronesia, I haven't been focusing that much on diving in the Philippines. I will, however, have some dives there and try to get a glimpse of the Thresher Shark while doing so.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Philippines is highly underrated as a tourist destination! Recieving only 20% of the tourists compared to Thailand, and with a lot more paradise islands, varied landscapes, ethnic groups, cultures and languages, some of the best diving on the planet and adventure sports available etc, I'm sure its more fun in the Philippines!

In fact, just reading Lonely Planet makes me wish I could stay longer and go all over the place. So perhaps there could be a second trip to the Philippins in combination with some other country in the future.

- Some updates about my shoulder will be posted shortly.

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