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Satellite cells

Health & FitnessPosted by Jean Dar Tue, January 25, 2011 20:28:20
Activate your satellite cells through exercise

Muscle cells function as a multinucleate cellular mass produced by the fusing of cells, the prime cellular activator of this process are the satellite cells. These cells are found beneath the basal lamina of muscle fibres and are a different muscle cell subtype, responsible for adaptation occurring immediately after birth like growth and repair of muscle cells. Satellite cells have an array of potential fates as they are able to multiply, grow, merge etc. There are also observations of stem cells adopting satellite cell status or vice versa, as muscle-derived stem cells or of bone marrow origin.

Satellite cells may be activated following a single bout of high-intensity exercise, although this is not sufficient to induce final divergence. This result fades with age, and the mechanism for this is still unknown. In an artificial environment, such as in a test tube, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) seems to prolong the capacity for satellite cells to grow, multiply and delay cellular ageing.

The statements above are based on scientific review articles.

I've adopted this piece of information into my own high-intensity training routine, and done so by putting together a new training programme. This new training programme is at an even more intense level than the old one, really isolating the exercises to the targeted muscles and taking them out. After a week of rest, I've now had the two first sessions at the gym with this new programme, working my muscles to failure!

Other areas where I've made further improvements are: nutrition, cardio workout, injury-preventing exercises, the time of training, rest and recuperation of body, mind and nervous system. And for this new training programme, I've even got myself a training log to be able to follow the progress I make...

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